Angular 12 New Features

Angular 12 Features :

Angular version 12 was published on May 12th, the most recent stable version of the Google-developed web framework.

  • Ivy Everywhere

The Ivy everywhere refers to the approach used to achieve the goal of merging the Angular ecosystem on Ivy.

  • Migrating from legacy i18n message IDs

The new standard message-id setup is both extreme and common. This solution will reduce the needless invalidation of interpretations and the associated retranslation costs in situations where interpretations do not facilitate due to whitespace changes, for example.

  • Protractor: planning for future

The destiny of the protractor is now in the hands of the Angular team and community. They are presently examining the RFC input and determining the best future for Protractor.

  • Improvements in styling

Components in Angular v12 will allow inline Sass in the @Component decorator’s styles field. Inside of Angular CDK and Angular Material is Sass’s new module system.

  • Deprecating support for IE11

Angular’s evergreen platform implies that it keeps up with the rapidly evolving online ecosystem. By ceasing to support outdated browsers, they are free to concentrate on providing more advanced arrangements and superior customer service.

  • Support from the Community

The Angular community has taken the initiative to work hard to enhance the Angular experience. They work nonstop to make learning Angular for designers more enjoyable.

  • Nullish Coalescing

This Angular 12 feature has made it easier for programmers to create TypeScript classes with better code. By combining the power of nullish coalescing with the new syntax structure, Angular templates in version 12 can even help developers create more complicated conditionals.

For instance:{{age !== null && age !== undefined ? age : calculateAge() }} 
{{ age ?? calculateAge() }}
  • New Dev Tools

The Angular team has described the usability of Angular Dev Tools for Google Chrome a few days following the introduction of Angular 12. The implanted profiler may observe and record change recognition events, allowing analysis of which detection cycle and components took the longest amount of time.

  • ng API improvements

One of Angular 12’s upgraded features is the ng troubleshooting API. GetDirectiveMetadata and esetProfiler are two features that have been used particularly to explore APIs for an initial examination of usages.

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