How To Protect Static Files In ASP.NET Web Forms With The Help Of HTTP Handle

By default, IIS does not work with the ASP.NET runtime when static content like images, ZIP files, and PDFs are requested. By bypassing the ASP.NET runtime for static content, any URL authorization rules specified in ASP.NET are ignored. As a result, it is possible for unauthorized users to view static content that resides in folders that are protected via ASP.NET’s URL authorization. To protect our static content from unauthorized access, this is one of the way to implement it.

How to Encrypt – Encrypt Payload Using Angular 11 And ASP.NET Core

In this article, I will describe how to use Angular 11 (front end) with ASP.NET CORE to encrypt and decrypt the entire payload or any given id (API).

Utilizing middleware that I will walk you through step by step, you can use the same approach to get the payload or ids in ASP.NET CORE while using an interceptor to pass the payload or id with encryption on the angular side.

Download Document From DocuSign

After adding this code, you will get a file stream that you may use to make direct API calls for file downloads. Remember that a DocuSign access token and an envelope id are also required to execute this transaction.

Get Document Data From DocuSign

The document data will appear in the response when you complete this step. In the ‘status’ section, you’ll be able to check whether or not your document has been signed.


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