Compare Password And Confirm Password In Angular

To begin, you’ll need a custom validator to validate the passwords, which may look something like this:

checkPasswords: ValidatorFn = (group: AbstractControl):  ValidationErrors | null => { 
  let password = group.get('password').value;
  let confirmPassword = group.get('confirmPassword').value
  return password === confirmPassword ? null : { notSame: true }

Instead of simply two form controls, you’d establish a form group for your fields, and then add the custom validator to your form group:

this.myForm ={
  password: ['', [Validators.required]],
  confirmPassword: ['']
}, { validators: this.checkPasswords })

The mat-error only appears if a FormControl is incorrect, as explained in another response, thus you’ll need an error state matcher:

export class MyErrorStateMatcher implements ErrorStateMatcher {
  isErrorState(control: FormControl | null, form: FormGroupDirective | NgForm | null): boolean {
    const invalidCtrl = !!(control?.invalid && control?.parent?.dirty);
    const invalidParent = !!(control?.parent?.invalid && control?.parent?.dirty);

    return invalidCtrl || invalidParent;

You may change when the error notice appears in the aforementioned settings. Only when the password box is tapped will I display a message. Also, I’d want to remove the necessary validator from the confirm password field, because the form isn’t legitimate if the passwords don’t match in the first place.

Create a new ErrorStateMatcher in the component:

matcher = new MyErrorStateMatcher();

Finally, the template would seem as follows:

<form [formGroup]="myForm">
    <input matInput placeholder="New password" formControlName="password" required>
    <mat-error *ngIf="myForm.hasError('required', 'password')">
      Please enter your new password

    <input matInput placeholder="Confirm password" formControlName="confirmPassword" [errorStateMatcher]="matcher">
    <mat-error *ngIf="myForm.hasError('notSame')">
      Passwords do not match

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