Difference Between CSS And SCSS

CSS –  Cascading Style Sheet SCSS – Sassy Cascading Style Sheets
  • CSS is a styling language, mainly use users for create, design, and style various web pages.CSS normally use in the JavaScript and HTML languages.
  • SCSS is a specific file type in a SASS program. SCSS normally use in the ruby language.
  • CSS is not full of advanced features.
  • SCSS contains all the characteristics of CSS and contains more characteristics that are not include in Cascading Style Sheet. hence SCSS is full of advanced features.
  • CSS file save with extension .css.
  • SCSS file save with extension .scss.
  • Writing CSS much easier and faster as compared to writing the SCSS.
  • SCSS produces a CSS that the browser can understand by running the SCSS files on the server running your web application.
  • Writing CSS makes higher lines compare to SCSS in its code.
  • Writing SCSS makes fewer lines compare to CSS in its code.
  • For example : In CSS File :-
.submitbutton {
  background: black;
  color: white;

.submitbutton:hover {
  color: plum;
  background: purple;
  • For example : In SCSS File :-
.submitbutton {
    background: green;
    color: yellow;

    &:hover {
      color: plum;
      background: purple;
  • Output :

  •  Output :


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