How To Change The Color Of Any Image In Photoshop

How To Change The Color Of Any Image In Photoshop

How to change the color of your image using the Hue / Saturation method in Photoshop.
In the below image you can see the before and after image of the hue/ saturation effect.


1. Open your image in photoshop. File / Open. I’m going to be updating one bird image.


2. Then navigate to the layer you want to change the color of. Highlight that layer.


3. In your Layers Panel, click the half black / white circle to see all of your image adjustment options. Choose the Hue /Saturation option or press CTRL+U to open the Hue / Saturation Layer.


4. That will create a Hue / Saturation layer. The Hue / Saturation box will open. Move the Hue & Saturation sliders until you get a color you’re happy with.


5. Now see the affected image by The Hue/ saturation effect.

Hope this tutorial was helpful for you!

Thank You!



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