How To Create Bulk Read Job Using Zoho CRM In ASP.NET MVC


In this article, we will learn how to create a bulk read job (bulk export) using Zoho CRM in ASP.NET MVC Web application.

Let’s begin

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C# Code Example

Open the HomeController.cs file and add the below code in it.

public void CreateBulkReadJob()
         ZCRMBulkRead bulkReadrecordIns = ZCRMRestClient.GetInstance().GetBulkReadInstance("Leads");
         ZCRMCriteria criteria = ZCRMCriteria.GetInstance();
         criteria.FieldAPIName = "Email";
         criteria.Comparator = "equal";
         criteria.Value = "";

         ZCRMBulkQuery query = ZCRMBulkQuery.GetInstance();
         query.CvId = your custom view id; // custom view id
         List<string> fields = new List<string>();
         query.Fields = fields;
         query.Page = 1;
         query.Criteria = criteria;
         bulkReadrecordIns.Query = query;
         ZCRMBulkCallBack callBack = ZCRMBulkCallBack.GetInstance();
         callBack.Url = "";
         callBack.Method = "post";
         bulkReadrecordIns.CallBack = callBack;
         APIResponse response = bulkReadrecordIns.CreateBulkReadJob();


Get Bulk Read Job Details

public void GetBulkReadJobDetail()
        ZCRMBulkRead readIns = ZCRMRestClient.GetInstance().GetBulkReadInstance(your bulk read job id); // To get the ZCRMBulkRead instance using job_id
        APIResponse response = readIns.GetBulkReadJobDetails();
        ZCRMBulkRead bulkReadIns = (ZCRMBulkRead)response.Data;// To get ZCRMBulkRead instance


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