How To Create JSON Document File For Signature In DocuSign

In the last article, we see how to authenticate in DocuSign using API calls. If you want to start from the scratch then click here


In this tutorial, we will upload the desired file for signature to DocuSign, change it, and then DocuSign will offer us a JSON file to sign.

Step 1: Select the Templates tab from the DocuSign Home page. Link is here

Step 2: Select Create Template from the NEW tab in the sidebar menu.

Step 3: Add the title, and description and upload the sample pdf file.

Add your sender information by scrolling down and then click on the Next button.

Step 4: Add a text box for the first and last names, a radio button for gender selection, a checkbox for framework selection, and finally a signature with validations.

  • Click on the Pre-fill tools and drag and drop Text for labels.

  • Rename the labels.

  • Go to the Standard Fields menu in the left sidebar and drag and drop Text for first name and last name.

  • By selecting the text field, you can see customize a menu on the right side. Select letters from the Validation drop-down.

  • Add the label for gender and framework selection.

  • Add the radio button and checkbox for gender and framework selection.

  • Add the signature box to your document.

  • Click on the Save And Close button then you will be redirected to the Templates page.

Step 5: Download the JSON document file.

What’s next:

In the next article, we will send the JSON document to the other user for signature and other details.

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