How To Create Product Using Zoho CRM In ASP.NET MVC


In this article, we will learn how to create a Product using Zoho CRM in ASP.NET MVC Web application.

Let’s begin

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C# Code Example

Open the HomeController.cs file and add the below code in it.

public void CreateProducts()
        ZCRMModule moduleIns1 = ZCRMModule.GetInstance("accounts"); //module api name
        BulkAPIResponse<ZCRMRecord> response1 = moduleIns1.GetRecords();
        List<ZCRMRecord> relatedLists = response1.BulkData;
        List<ZCRMRecord> listRecord = new List<ZCRMRecord>();
        ZCRMRecord record;

        record = ZCRMRecord.GetInstance("products", null); //To get ZCRMRecord instance
        record.SetFieldValue(relatedLists[0].CreatedBy.FullName, relatedLists[0].CreatedBy.Id);
        record.SetFieldValue("Company", "your company name");
        record.SetFieldValue("Mobile", "your mobile no");
        record.SetFieldValue("Full_Name", "Your full name");
        record.SetFieldValue("Phone", "Your phone no");
        record.SetFieldValue("Product_Name", "Your Product name");
        record.SetFieldValue("Customfield", "CustomFieldValue");
        record.SetFieldValue("Price_Book_Name", "Price_Book_Name");

        ZCRMModule moduleIns = ZCRMModule.GetInstance("products");
        BulkAPIResponse<ZCRMRecord> responseIns = moduleIns.CreateRecords(listRecord); //To call the create record method
        Console.WriteLine("HTTP Status Code:" + responseIns.HttpStatusCode); //To get 
    catch (Exception ex)




Get All Products Data

public void GetAllProductsData()
     ZCRMModule moduleIns = ZCRMModule.GetInstance("products"); //module api name
     BulkAPIResponse<ZCRMRecord> response = moduleIns.GetRecords();
     List<ZCRMRecord> relatedLists = response.BulkData;


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