Introduction To Postgre SQL

In this article, we are going to see Postgre SQL.

Introduction to Postgre SQL:

  • PostgreSQL could be a fashionable computer database management system (RDBMS). Our PostgreSQL tutorial provides basic and advanced ideas of PostgreSQL. during this tutorial, we have a tendency to square measure aiming to learn all the topics of PostgreSQL language, like produce a information, drop a information, choose information, choose table, update a record, produce a table, delete record, drop table, triggers, functions, insert the record, procedures, cursors, etc.

What is Postgre SQL?

  • PostgreSQL (pronounced as post-gress-Q-L) is AN open supply on-line database management system (DBMS) developed by a worldwide team of volunteers. PostgreSQL isn’t controlled by any corporation or different non-public entity and therefore the ASCII text file is on the market freed from charge.

Why use PostgreSQL?

It is an ideal tool once it involves integration with different tools. It handles knowledge integrity and sophisticated operations with ease.

  • It is easy to find out.
  • It manages knowledge in an exceedingly computer database.
  • It is terribly strong and powerful.

Features of PostgreSQL:

  • Helps inventors to make operations.
  • It allows directors to make faulttolerant terrain by guarding data integrity.
  • Compatible with colorful platforms using all major languages and middleware.
  • It offers a most sophisticated locking medium.
  • Support formulti-version concurrency control.
  • Mature Garçon– Side Programming Functionality.
  • Biddable with the ANSI SQL standard.
  • Full support for customer– garçon network armature.
  • Log- grounded and detector– grounded replication SSL.
  • Standby garçon and high vacuity.
  • Object– acquainted and ANSI- SQL2008 compatible.
  • Support for JSON allows linking with other data stores like NoSQL which act as a allied mecca for polyglot databases.

Advantages of PostgreSQL:

Below are the main advantages/benefits of PostgreSQL:

  • PostgreSQL will run dynamic internetsites and web apps as a LAMP stack possibility.
  • PostgreSQL’s write-ahead work makes it a extremely fault-tolerant information.
  • PostgreSQL ASCII text file is freely obtainable below AN open supply license. this enables you the liberty to use, modify, and implement it as per your business wants.
  • PostgreSQL supports geographic objects therefore you’ll use it for location-based services and geographic data systems.
  • PostgreSQL supports geographic objects therefore it will be used as a geospatial knowledge store for location-based services and geographic data systems.
  • To learn Postgres, you don’t would like abundant coaching as its simple to use.
  • Low maintenance and administration for each embedded and enterprise use of PostgreSQL.

Disadvantages of PostgreSQL:

Below are the main disadvantages/drawbacks of PostgreSQL:

  • Many open supply apps support MySQL, however might not support PostgreSQL.
  • PostgreSQL is a slow as compared to MySQL.
  • Installation is not easy for the beginner.

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