Kioware Toolbar Functionality

In this article, we learn how to add Toolbar functionality in Kioware browser.

Step: 1

Open Kioware browser and click on the User Interface menu.

Step: 2

After that user interface screen will open in which you have to add a toolbar.


After that, a popup will open in which you have to create a blank toolbar.

Step: 4

After clicking on the blank toolbar, a new screen will open in which you will add the toolbars.


Now you have to click on Add control button and then follow these steps.


After that, you will edit your toolbar in which you will add the URL.


After clicking on edit a new screen will open, In which you will add the URL label name and  URL of the toolbar.



  1. You can set which position you want the toolbar to appear on. Top, Bottom, Left, and Right
  2. Toolbar size – height or width.
  3. You can set the toolbar that you have added in the active session and show it in the inactive session.
  4. You can set the name of your toolbar.

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