Indian Angular Conference 2022

Event Specifics

ng-India is India’s largest Angular community meeting. With roughly 400 participants expected in the 2022 edition, you will be able to meet the developers of Angular, RxJS Core team members, GDE, MVP, and Authors from all around the world who will educate you Angular. Join to learn, network, recruit and make new friends.

Conference website:


Event Date and Place

21st May 2022 | Delhi, India


Some Important Information About This Event

  • The largest angular conference in India will be placed in Delhi on May 21, 2022.
  • The fourth edition of ng-India is now available.
  • 9 hours of intensive Angular study | JavaScript
  • 16 Angular presentations with live coding | JavaScript
  • 16 experts share their expertise
  • Enthusiasts working together to learn

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