World’s First MEMS Micro speaker

The Montara Pro by xMEMS Labs is the world’s first monolithic MEMS speaker that allows smart TWS earbuds and hearing aids to become intelligent closed-fit and open-fit earbuds supported by environs noise levels detected by microphones or movement from motion sensors.

Montara Pro’s speaker delivers a flat frequency response, achieving 115dB SPL up to 1kHz and providing up to 18dB of gain above 1kHz for improved voice and instrument clarity. Montara Pro could also be a monolithic, single-die architecture implementing both the speaker and thus the DynamicVent in silicon that winds up in unmatched part-to-part frequency response consistency and reduced speaker matching or calibration time at manufacturing.

This innovative transduction mechanism has also eliminated the spring and suspension recovery of coil speakers, which has improved audio quality and sound field reproduction.

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