Product Analytics With Mixpanel

Introduction – Mixpanel

A product analytics tool called Mixpanel gives you the ability to record information about how consumers engage with your digital product. Then, using just a few clicks, Mixpanel’s straightforward, interactive reports enable your query and display this product data for analysis.

How Mixpanel data can be used in product

You may monitor user interactions with your web-based application using Mixpanel, a user analytics tool. Users’ devices or your server provide data to Mixpanel, which analyses it in real-time to spot trends and better understand user behavior.

What is unique in Mixpanel?

Every event has a distinct id from Mixpanel that is linked to it as an event attribute. Every monitored user is given a distinct id, which links all of the actions taken by a certain user.

Advantages of Mixpanel?

  • A/B Testing tools using mixpanel events and comparison tool show the user performance
  • Mixpanel events are also used as also error log
  • Development is easy, documents are easily available, and support multiple integrations
  • Easily track user activity better than google analytics provides a custom option to add events like page name,  page section, user, view page, source page and etc.
  • Track how visitor use can our website and mobile app.
  • Mixpanel  also provides many free reports and charts using  that we can easily  show our website performance
  • Mixpanel is free (for small and mid-sized businesses)
  • A complete view of users’ journey – product + website

Types of Mixpanel integration

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