How to detect when an @Input() value changes in Angular?

Forums AngularHow to detect when an @Input() value changes in Angular?
Staff asked 7 months ago

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Staff answered 7 months ago

There are two ways to detect changes when @Input value changed.

Using NgOnChanges() lifecycle hook method:

export class SelectedPlayerComponent implements OnChanges {
  player: Player;

  ngOnChanges(changes: SimpleChanges) {

ngOnChanges is called by Angular as the component is instantiated.

you can also use an input property setter as follows:

export class SelectedPlayerComponent {
  private _selected: Player;

  set player(value: Player) {
    this._selected = value;

  get player(): Player {
    return this._selected;

Here’s the output for you with the set and get implemented, notice how the get simply returns the this._selected private property.


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