How to Restore Database in SQL Server from .bak file ?

Forums SQLHow to Restore Database in SQL Server from .bak file ?
Staff asked 2 years ago

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Piyush Vavaliya Marked As Accepted
Staff answered 2 years ago

Right-click on the info server within the left navigation pane, click Tasks and click on Restore

The name of the restoring info seems in the To database list box. to form a brand new info, enter its name within the list box.
Select ‘From device’.
Click the button to display the ‘Specify Backup’ Dialog.
Click ‘Add’  to browse the .bak file from the directory and click on OK.

Click on the “Files” tab, and make sure that the “Restore As” column does not already have the files with identical file names. Otherwise, the restore will fail. make sure that all the files are distinctive.


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