How to send data from parent to child and vice-versa

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data sharing between parent component and child component

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Angular provide @Input Decorator and @Output Decorator to share data between parent to child and child to parent component.

The @Input Decorator is used to configure the input properties of the component.



<app-chlid (event)=”message=$event” [parentdata]=”name”></app-child>

In app-parent.component.ts add following:

export class AppComponent {
title = ‘InputOutput’;
public name = “Code Hub”
public message =””;

In app-child.component.ts file add following:

export class TestComponent implements OnInit {

constructor() { }

ngOnInit(): void {
@Input(‘parentdata’) public name:any;
@Output() public event = new EventEmitter();

fireEvent(): void {
this.event.emit(‘Hey Angular…’);

In app-child.component.html file add following:


<button (click)=”fireEvent()”>send</button>

hear, name property of parent component use in child component to display name and when click on send button of child it send data using @Output decorator to parent component.










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