what are keys in react, And why do we need keys?

Forums Reactwhat are keys in react, And why do we need keys?
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A key could be a special string attribute you would like to incorporate once making lists of components in React. Keys area unit is accustomed to react to spot that things within the list area unit are modified, updated, or deleted. In alternative words, we can say that keys are accustomed to offering identity to the weather within the lists.

Staff answered 9 months ago

A key is a special string attribute that needs to be included when using lists of elements.
Importance of keys:
– Keys help react identify which elements were added, changed or removed.
– Keys should be given to array elements for providing a unique identity for each element.
– Without keys, React does not understand the order or uniqueness of each element.
– With keys, React has an idea of which particular element was deleted, edited, and added.
– Keys are generally used for displaying a list of data coming from an API
– Use Array.map() not a for loop
– Give each item an unique key
– Avoid using array index as a key


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