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I’ll talk about the properties, restrictions, and simple workarounds for the SharePoint online Button web part in this blog.

On the SharePoint site page, a custom name and link button may be added using the Button web component. The button will browse to the external or internal URL that is attached to it when we click it.

  • Open the SharePoint online site page
  • Select Edit Page
  • Click on the + circled icon to add a new Section Layout
  • Insert the button web part.

  • We can align the button using the property pane to the left, center, and right sides of the section.
  • Using the property pane, we can name the button that we want to display. And in the link field, we should use the URL to which you want your button to navigate from the current page to the respective page.

Limitations of the Button web part :

  • Since the button is dependent on the colour of the current site theme, we are unable to add more colours to it; instead, you must alter the site theme if you wish to change the button’s colour.
  • Using the button web part, we cannot open the URL in a new tab.

The solution is to open the URL in a new tab :

  • Make a single-row, single-column table by adding one using the text web component.
  • By using hyperlinks, you may include a URL in the table and choose the option to open it in a new tab.
  • However, in this instance as well, you are unable to alter the button colour due to a SharePoint Online table constraint on colour.

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