Top 10 Angular Interview Questions and Answers

Hey Guys, Today I’m going to share Top 10 Angular questions that will be helpful in your interviews.
List are given below with answers.

1.Describe Angular.

Angular is an open-source web application framework for creating mobile and dynamic single-page applications (SPAs) that is based on TypeScript. Google built it and keeps it up to date.

2.What distinguishes AngularJS and Angular from one another?

While Angular (versions 2 and up) is built on TypeScript, AngularJS (version 1.x) is a previous version of the framework that was based on JavaScript. The framework Angular is a full rewrite of AngularJS with additional features and enhanced performance. AngularJS is no longer being actively maintained.

3.What are Angular’s main characteristics?

One or more of Angular’s salient characteristics is:

  • Architecture based on components
  • binding of two-way data
  • Dependency injection
  • pipelines and directives for DOM manipulation
  • Integrated HTTP client for calling APIs
  • competences for navigation and routing
  • RxJS offers assistance for reactive programming

4.What does an Angular component do?

In Angular, a component is a basic unit of a web application that contains a single feature or piece of functionality. It is composed of three elements: a template that specifies the component’s view; a class that houses the component’s data and functionality; and metadata that offers extra details about the component.

5.What does Angular’s dependency injection mean?

In a design pattern known as dependency injection, dependencies are provided to components or services rather than being created directly. The injector in Angular is in charge of supplying dependencies to components and services during runtime.

6.What does an Angular directive mean?

While using Angular, a directive may be used to increase the functionality of an HTML element or attribute. Component directives, attribute directives, and structural directives are the three different categories of directives in Angular. New components are created by component directives, existing elements’ behaviours are changed by attribute directives, and the DOM’s structure is changed by structural directives.

7.What does an Angular service mean?

In Angular, a service is a singleton object that gives one or more components access to a certain capability. Services are frequently used to communicate information and functionality among various application components.

8.What does Angular’s change detection entail?

In Angular, a feature called change detection keeps track of modifications to the component’s data and adjusts the display accordingly. By the use of a unidirectional data flow, Angular refreshes views with the most recent data whenever a component’s data changes.

9.Describe Angular CLI.

The command-line tool known as Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) is used to design, manage, and build Angular applications. It offers a collection of instructions for automating regular processes like creating components, services, and modules.

10.What does Angular’s lazy loading mean?

A method called “lazy loading” in Angular is used to delay loading a module until it is required. By cutting down on initial load time and only loading the application’s essential components when they are required, this can enhance an application’s performance.


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