What Are Difference Between Angular And AngularJS

In this article, we will learn about Angular JS and Angular and comprehend the key differences between the two.

Single-page web apps are frequently created using the open-source, JavaScript-based AngularJS front-end framework (SPAs).

The well-known Typescript framework for internet applications known as Angular was created by Google and is open-source. Frameworks like Angular or React are used by front-end developers to show and manipulate data effectively.


The Model-View-Controller architecture is supported. To produce the result, the view processes the data from the model.

It uses components and directives. Components are the directives with a template.

Components of Angular vs AngularJS

Angular employs TypeScript, which is a superset of ES6, which is backwards compatible with ES5.

While Angular employs a hierarchy of components, Angular JS, which is built on JavaScript, uses words like scope and controllers.

While AngularJS employs directives, Angular is component-based.

Use of Directives

Although their methods of use vary, directives are utilised by both Angular and AngularJS.

Angular has standard Directives, whereas AngularJS has a collection of them.

Expression Syntax

You must utilize the ng-model in AngularJS when you wish to construct a two-way binding. You’ll use ng-bind for one-way binding.

You will only find the ngModel in Angular. The one-way binding sign is “[],” and the two-way binding symbol is “[()].” Property binding uses “[],” whereas event binding uses “().”

Supported Languages

Angular JS only supports JavaScript.

Whereas, Angular provides support for TypeScript and JavaScript.


In AngularJS, routing setup is done via $routeprovider.when().

Angular uses @Route Config{(…)} for routing configuration.


IDE and WebStorm are only two examples of the third-party tools that are used by Angular JS.

Angular  uses the Command Line Interface (CLI) to reduce the time when  creating applications.

Angular JS does not support mobile browsers as well it does not come with a CLI tool.

Angular is supported by all the popular mobile browsers and it comes with the Angular CLI tool.

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