What Is Response Header In Dot Net?

Hello guys, In this article, we will learn about What is response headers in .net core with an example.

There are four different types of headers:

  1. General Header
  2. Request Header
  3. Response Header
  4. Entity Header

What Is General Header?

  • This type of header is applied to both Request and Response headers both but without affecting the database body.
  • It is a general-type header used to pass additional information with an HTTP response or HTTP request.

What Is a request header?

  • A request header is an HTTP header that can be included in an HTTP request to offer information about the request context to the server, allowing it to personalize the answer.
  • This type of header contains information about the fetched request by the client.

What Is Response Header?

  • HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) headers are used to communicate additional information between clients and servers.
  • A colon separates all header fields, and key-value pairs are recorded in clear-text string format. The end of the header section is indicated by an empty field header.

What Is Entity Header?

  • This type of header contains the information about the body of the resources like MIME type and Content-length.
  • It is used for the media type of the resource. The media type is a string sent along with the file to indicate the format of the file.

Let’s create a simple method to get and set Response Headers.

public IActionResult SetAndGetResponse()
    var headers = new List<dynamic>();
    Response.Headers.Add("Name", "Parth Mandaliya");
    Response.Headers.Add("City", "Surat");
    foreach (var item in Response.Headers)
        headers.Add($"{item.Key} : {item.Value}");
    return Ok(headers);


Now we get the Response Headers in jQuery.

function GetResponseHeaders() {
        type: 'GET',
        url: 'API URL',
        success: function (data, textStatus, request) {
        error: function (request, textStatus, errorThrown) {



In this article, we have learned about What is Response Header and created examples in .net core and jQuery.

Thank you.

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