Fluent Validation in ASP.Net MVC

In this article, we will explore how to validate Asp.net MVC Application Using Fluent Validation.

If you want to do simple validation in our asp.net MVC application then Data Annotation is good but when it comes to applying complex validation to manage it with Data Annotation is a little bit difficult.
for complex validation it is good to use FLuent Validation.

Joins In Linq

Like SQL LINQ also provides join.
LINQ joins are used to fetch data from one or more data sources based on having a common key and results in a new data source.

LINQ Partition Operators

In Linq, partition operators are used to dividing the collection/list into two parts. There are various partition operators like Take(), TakeWhile(), Skip(), SkipWhile(). All have its unique use and we can use it in our demand basis.

LINQ Sorting Operators

In Linq, sorting operators are used when we have to change the sequence or order of the data. i.e. Ascending sort or Descending sort. There are many sorting operators like OrderBy(), OrderByDescending(), ThenBy(), ThenByDescending() etc.Each has its unique use.


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