How To Use Marquee Tool In Photoshop
Graphics Design

The marquee tool is used for several tasks. You can make a selection and adjust the selected area using a Marquee tool. You can also use it to select areas of an image that you can then copy, cut, or crop.  

Clipping Mask In Photoshop
Graphics Design

Clipping masks in Photoshop are a powerful way to control the visibility of a layer. In that sense, clipping masks are similar to layer masks. But while the end result may look the same, clipping masks and layer masks are very different. A layer mask uses black and white to show and hide different parts of…

Mosaic Pixel Effect In Photoshop
Graphics Design

In this article, I will show you how to use a Mosaic filter in photoshop. First I will show you a simple mosaic filter apply to the entire image. Then with a layer mask, brush tool, and Changing blend mode effects. Here is the result of before and after applying a mosaic effect image and…

How To Type Gujarati Characters Correctly In Photoshop
Graphics Design

Many users have a problem with typing Asian languages in photoshop. So in this tutorial, I will explain the solution of How to type the Gujarati language correctly in photoshop cc. Recently when I try to type in the Gujarati Language, the typed text not showing joined words and characters correctly. This is how it looks…


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