Part 2: How I Created A CorDapp In 3 Steps

n the previous part, we have done the configuration part for our BookingCorDapp and in this part, we will be creating a CorDapp which will help us to understand some key concepts of Corda and how to start coding. I have divided this part into four steps as below, and we’ll go through each step one by one.

Part 1: How I Created A CorDapp In 3 Steps

This article will take you through all you need to know before you have your first corDapp up and running. I have divided three steps into three different articles, and this is the first article describing the first step. Soon, I will publish the next steps in my upcoming articles.

R3 Corda : Get started with Corda

We live in an era where technology is blooming quite fast. Yet leaving in a prosperous society, we still lack a lot of features in our daily lives and businesses. Our businesses run on legacy networks that can’t store records without making any errors; it takes days to process a transaction and cyber-attacks are a daily occurrence.

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