Drag And Drop Image Upload In Angular

Computer files or images can be moved using the drag-and-drop method by clicking on them with the mouse and dragging them across the screen. In this article, we will create a drop zone for uploading an image file in our angular project.

Directive Composition API in Angular

Today we are going to learn a new concept that has been introduced in Angular 15. “Directive composition API”  is the most requested feature from the Angular community since Angular 2.

How Can We Deploy Angular Applications Using GitHub Pages

This article demonstrates how to use GitHub Pages to launch an Angular application. An Angular application can be released from a remote server like GitHub Pages, Azure, AWS, Firebase, etc. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files from a GitHub repository are accepted by GitHub Pages, a free website hosting service. You must first build a GitHub Pages site repository in order to publish an Angular application to GitHub Pages. Your GitHub Pages webpage will be hosted by this repository. For the application to be published via GitHub Pages, the Angular application folder must be established inside the site repository.


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