How to Get started learning Corda: 10 Beginners FAQs

Why Corda? Easy to learn? Get Answers Now.

Interested in learning to code with Corda? If you’re reading this article, you’ve already taken the primary step in starting your journey with Corda. Learning new technology can be intimidating—it’s normal as a beginner to have questions and concerns, but I am willing to help you get started off on the right foot.

Below are some commonly asked questions when it comes to learning Corda.

1. Why Corda?

You can refer to my first article by the below link to understand what Corda is and use cases of Corda. So, you will get an answer to why Corda.

2. OK, I’m ready to Learn. What’s the first step?

First, it needs the patience to learn Corda as it is different than other frameworks frequently used in the development world, so at first eyesight, it may look complex if you see code directly, instead of that step by step process to learn can help get familiar easily.

And mainly you need a timeframe and commitment: it means daily two to three hours is enough rather than doing everything together. Take time to relate it with other frameworks and technology. So many questions will arise, note it down and try to find the answer.

In short, set the mind to learn and then follow step by step process mentioned in the next question.

3. What is the step by step process to learn?

●      First, understand at a high level what blockchain is and how it is different than the other frameworks and after that what Corda is. To get an answer to these questions to read all modules from the below link:

●      Start with the below free Udemy course.

●      Set up a development environment. Prerequisites for environment set up available in the below link. After environment setup downloads one sample project and just play around it and try to relate with theory concepts.

●      Now it’s time to get hands-on by starting your own CordApp by downloading a template and play around it.

●      After spending some time, to boost the confidence we can try for certification by R3 organization. Please refer below link for all the certification details.

4. How much time will it take to complete?

●      Everyone has different learning speed and it depends on how much time you are ready to devote. In my case, I am still learning daily something new, I started in February 2020, giving daily 4 to 5 hours on average.

●      There is not any shortcut. Must deal patiently without giving up.

5. Do I need to learn Kotlin/Java too?    

●      Corda is written in Kotlin language. But it supports JAVA too. So, if you know core java it’s well enough to get started with Corda.

6. What should I install to run cordApp?

●      Java 8 JVK – We require at least version 8u171, but do not currently support Java 9 or higher.

●      IntelliJ IDEA – IntelliJ is an IDE that offers strong support for Kotlin and Java development. We support versions of 2017.x, 2018.x and 2019.x (with Kotlin plugin version 1.2.71).

●      Git – Git to host your sample CorDapp and provide version control.

●      Gradle – Install Gradle version 5.4.1. If you are using a supported Corda sample, the included Gradle script should install Gradle automatically.

7. What are good sources to learn?

●      R3 official website and Udemy have free course.



8.  Is it easy to learn?

●      Yes, and No. truly speaking it’s up to you. Once you decide to learn, invest enough time and stick with it. After spending some time, it feels (Li’l) interesting.

●      Please note sometimes you wouldn’t find answers easily for your queries on search engines as still it’s a new technology in the market so build your network with people who are already working on this technology.

9.  Is Corda for cryptocurrency?

●      No, but we can say that Cryptocurrency Applications are built on a blockchain platform. Corda is an open-source Distributed Ledger Technology, an enterprise blockchain platform designed to record, manage and synchronize agreements and transfer value. It allows firms to build interoperable blockchain networks that transact directly, in strict privacy to complete business transactions.

10. What are the future prospects of this technology?

●      This technology has very bright future prospect


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