What To Do With Your Shopify Data

What you’ll learn?

Managing an eCommerce business is in addition to setting up an online store. Your Shopify analytics are keys to totally understanding how your store is officiating and what areas need improvement.

During this workshop, you’ll be introduced to key Shopify analytics data. We’ll cover what this data means and how you can use it to optimize your occupation. At the closure of this workshop, you’ll be able to analyze your sales, customer activity, and store transactions.

This workshop will focus on the tools available within the Shopify basic subscription level.

Key Topics:

  • Identify what metrics you ought to care about concerning.
  • Learn about opportunities fundamental to your data
  • Build the good customer relationships based on their actions
  • Determine if you ought to leverage a high tier of Shopify

Events schedule:

–  June 15, 2022
– 3:00pm–6:00pm EDT

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