Angular CLI MODULE NOT FOUND Error – Fix


We occasionally see errors like the one below that prevent us from starting a new project. I’ve outlined ways to fix the problem here.

Step 1

Start CMD in administrator mode.

Step 2

Remove Angular cli.

npm uninstall -g @angular/cli
Step 3

From the appdata folder, delete the npm package files.

Step 4

By hitting Windows + R, the Run menu will appear. then enter “%appdata%” and hit “OK.”

Step 5

From the Roaming folder you received in Explorer, open the npm

Step 6

If there are any, remove the ng and ng.cmd files from the npm folder.

If @angular and the angular/cli folder are present, open the node modules

Step 7

Installing the Angular cli again

npm install -g @angular/cli

Using the command, create a new Project.

The ng serve command is used to generate and run the application.

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