Authentication and Authorization Difference In Angular


–  The identity of users is verified during the authentication process in order to grant access to the system.

–  User or person verification occurs throughout the authentication procedure.

–  Before the authorization procedure, it is completed.

–  Usually, it requires the user’s login information.

–  Authentication establishes whether or not a person is a user.

–  Transmit data often using an ID Token.

           Example :

Before accessing their workplace email, employees must first authenticate over the network.


–  Authorities of the individual or user to access the resources are verified during the authorization procedure.

–  Users or people are verified throughout this procedure.

–  However, this step is taken after the authentication step.

–  Although it requires the user’s permissions or security levels.

–  While it makes a decision What authority does the user have?

–   Transmit data often using an Access Token.

           Example :

The system decides what data the workers are permitted access to when an employee successfully authenticates.

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