Commonly Used Angular Commands

In this article, we will see Commonly Used Angular Commands


  1. Get npm version
    npm -v
  2. Get node version
    node -v
  3. Get angular CLI version
    ng v
  4. Install Angular CLI globally
    npm i @angular/cli -g
  5. Install Angular CLI
    npm i @angular/cli
  6. Get help in the terminal
    ng help
  7. Create Angular Project
    ng new project-name
  8. Create Angular Component
    ng g c component-name
  9. Create Angular Service
    ng g s service-name
  10. Create Angular Module
    ng g m module-name
  11. Create a module with routing
    ng g m module-name --routing
  12. Remove node modules
    rm -rf node_modules
  13. Install the latest version of Angular CLI
    npm install --save-dev @angular/cli@latest
  14. Update Angular CLI
    ng update @angular/cli
  15. clean cache
    npm cache clean
  16. Install TypeScript latest version
    npm install -g typescript@latest
  17. Install node module in angular project
    npm install


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