Create C# Program Without Visual Studio

Hello friends, In this article I will explain to you how to create C# program without Visual Studio. To get an improved understanding however the C# code is compiled let’s produce a basic program in C# while not victimization Visual Studio (or the other IDE). We’ll use the command-line to compile and execute our C# program.

Step 1:- Open any text editor and write below the line of code or C# program.

Step 2:- Create a text file & name it – ‘firstprogramc#.cs’. Make sure the extension of your file is .cs not .txt

Step 3:- Open the Start menu and type ‘developer command ’ here and open developer command prompt.

Step 4:- Now  compile program ‘csc’ command is used. Locate your file and run the command, So what happened on ‘csc’ command, it created an ‘exe‘ for you having same name as your .cs file. So, you can check for ‘firstprogramc.exe’ created in the same location as your firstprogramc.cs 

Now compile & Run your firstprogramc.cs  as “csc firstprogramc#.cs” Command.

Step 5:- Now Execute “firstprogramc#.exe” Command.

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