Deploy React Js App to Firebase

Prerequisites :

Steps for firebase Console:

  1. Select hosting after creating the project and click on “Get Started”
  2. Now follow the step as mentioned

Steps for React App :

  1. Add  firebase tools :-
    npm install -g firebase-tool
  2. Login to firebase from terminal :

    firebase login
  3. Type yes as shown in image and it will navigate to browser for login
  4. Select your email and click “Allow”
  5. You will get successful login message on browser as well as your terminal

  6. Initialize firebase from terminal:

    firebase init
  7. After init it will prompt some questing answer them according to the image below
  8. Now we need to create build
    npm run build
  9. Finally deploy your project
    firebase deploy
  10. After this you will get your hosting URL


You can verify if the app is successfully deployed or not by the hosting URL we get

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