Difference Between Angular And AngularJS

We are often asked by peoples about the “difference between Angular and Angularjs?”, So Let’s find out.

Angular VS AngularJS

As we know, Google developed AngularJS in 2009 and released in 2012, Which version was 1.0. AngularJS is based on the javascript framework where Angular 2 and all versions after AngularJs are TypeScript based frontend web application framework. Angular 8 is the latest version of Angular.

Let’s read, How they actually Different


          AngularJS: AngularJS is written in JavaScript.

          Angular: AngularJS is written in TypeScript language.

Mobile Support

         AngularJS: In AngularJS, They don’t build with mobile support.

         Angular: After AngularJS, All Angular versions are developed with mobile support in mind.


         AngularJS: AngularJS is based on MVC(model-view-controller) architecture.

         Angular: In Angular,  AngularJS controllers and $scope were substituted by Angular components and directives.



    1. It’s easy to use as It has a great MVC pattern.
    2. Faster development.
    3. Use of HTML language which makes it very natural.
    4. The best solution for speedy front-end development because it does not need any other frameworks.


    1. Easy to write Test cases.
    2. It’s perfect for single-page web applications
    3. It uses TypeScript, so we can use the OOPS concept.
    4. Developed with mobile support.




    1. It’s quite complex as the same thing can possible in so many ways.
    2. There are some lagging if number of users is accessing the same page at the same time.
    3. Not developed for mobile devices
    4. Two-way binding, All variables update two times which makes the UI slower.
    5. Not Secured.
    6. JavaScript Dependent.


    1. It’s not best to create small and simple web applications.
    2. Hard to use compare to AngularJS.
    3. Not SEO friendly.
    4. Quite complect to implement and learn.


Although both platforms have their own advantages and disadvantages, I will suggest Angular to create single page application. Angular gives a full-featured and powerful structure.



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