Difference Between Redux And MobX In React JS

Redux VS MobX: A Comparison

What is Redux?

– Redux is an open-source JavaScript library used to manage application state. React uses Redux for building the user interface.

 Core principles of Redux are:

  • Redux is an intuitive state container – a single source of truth
  • Reducers update state
  • Redux is used for the reasonable amount of data that changes over time.
  • Redux is widely used to build user interfaces for top-notch front-end technologies, and it also supports cross-platform
  • Actions invoke changes to the store

 Redux Store :

  • Redux has only one store also known as a single source of truth, and there will always be one source of truth. The state in the store is immutable. It makes convenient for a developer when it comes to finding the data.
  • In Redux the state in the store cannot be changed. That means all of the states are read-only and it is not possible to directly overwrite them. However, it is possible for the previous state with a new state.

 Redux Data Structure :

  •  Redux has a simple javascript object as a data structure to store the state, and it requires updates to be followed manually.


What is MobX?

Core principles of MobX are:

  • MobX can have various stores to store the state of the app
  • Hold the ability to log everything
  • The state of a whole application is stored in a single object tree
  • Easy to debug and test without a browser
  • Hot reloading out of the box

MobX Store :

  •   On the other hand, MobX has multiple stores that, upon your convenience, you can logically separate them. So, just like Redux app’s state is not stored in one store.
  • In MobX state cannot be overwritten (mutable). It simply lets you update the new state with new values.

MobX Data Structure :

  • Mobx uses noticeable data that automatically tracks changes through contained subscriptions. Indeed, it is convenient for developers to use.


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