Difference Between SQL and PL/SQL

SQL and PL/SQL are the relational database languages. SQL is a structured query language. It can add, delete, modify, or manipulate the data from the database. PL/SQL is the procedural language. It holds the SQL statements within the syntax.

The primary difference between SQL and PL/SQL is that in SQL, one query gets executed at a time whereas, in PL/SQL, an entire block of the code gets executed at a time.



SQL means Structured Query Language. It was developed by IBM in 1970. It represents the set of relations (tables) in the database using DDL which means Data Definition Language. DDL is used to create the schema of every relation and maintains the integrity constraints, security, and authorization of every relation.

The other part of SQL is DML means Data Manipulation Language. DML allows a user to access or manage data in the database.
Procedural DML statements define what data is required and also how to retrieve the data.

It can be embedded with many languages like C/C++, Java, Perl, Python, PHP, etc. SQL is a data-oriented declarative language.



PL/SQL means procedural relational database language developed by Oracle Corporation in the early ’90s. It embeds the SQL statements within its syntax.

It allows the execution of a block of the code at a time which increases the performance. Block of the code consists of the procedures, functions, loops, variables packages, triggers. It is intended to build web applications and server pages. It Provides the features like encapsulation, data hiding, exception handling, and object-oriented data type.



Full form: Structured Query Language Full form: Procedural Language, an extension of SQL.
Execute a single query or a command at a time. Execute a block of code at a time.
It’s like a source of data that is to be displayed. It’s a language that creates an application that display’s the data acquired by SQL.
Write queries and commands using DDL, DML statements. Write a block of code that has procedures, functions, packages or variables, etc.
We can retrieve, modify, add, delete, or manipulate the data in the database. We can create applications or server pages that display the information obtained from SQL properly.
We can embed SQL statements in PL/SQL. We can’t embed PL/SQL in SQL.


SQL is a declarative language. It only specifies what data is needed. PL/SQL is a procedural language. It specifies both that what data is needed and how it can be retrieved.

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