Difference between Vue.js and Nuxt.js

Difference between Vue.js and Nuxt.js:

  • Vue.js is a high acclaimed moderate Javascript system that is gotten to for building strong UIs.
  • Vue.js includes the most viable innovation that can be used to develop creative and productive applications over restricted utilization of assets. The critical provisions of Vue.js are:
    • Scalability
    • Ready to use conventions
    • Developers’ choice
    • Error-free with the latest updates
    • Resource optimization
    • Progressive
    • Great community
    • Access to tons of libraries


  • Nuxt.js is an upper-level system that is worked over Vue.js to plan and make profoundly progressed web applications.
  • Nuxt.js plans to make tough and effective web improvement with magnificent designer experience.
  • Nuxt.js dials down the consideration from server subtleties and customer code circulation and permits the designer to zero in on the application improvement through Laravel API.
  • Nuxt.js stands to be the bedrock of Vue.js ventures and gives strong designs to build up reasonable activities with enough adaptability. The center components of Nuxt.js are:
    • Server-Side Rendering
    • Admittance to building a Single Page App (SPA)
    • Vigorous Routing framework
    • Pre-processors: Sass, Less, Stylus, etc.
    • Static File Serving
    • Auto-Code Split
    • Compose the Vue Files
    • Measured design expansion
    • Minifying and packaging of CSS and JS

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