Div Is Not Covering The Full Area

This article is about the solution of the issue div area covering.

  • If you are facing any div warp area cover issue then you need to clear floats.
  • this is generating by the child’s float CSS.
  • You need to clear floats to solve this issue.
  • For clear floats, just you need to add the following CSS.
  • .className:after{
            display: block;


  • Here (: after) is work like div.
  • There are three CSS.
    1. Content: This is to make enable (: after).
    2. display: This is for the set full width of after.
    3. clear: This is to clear all the floats.

Now, your issue is solved you can check.

if still, you are facing the issue then please let me know in the comment section.

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