Get Access Token With The Use Of Refresh Token Using Zoho Deluge

In this tutorial, we are going to learn to make an API call to get the access token from the refresh token using the deluge with the use of InvokeURL.

Access Token will expire in an Hour.

So when you need to get the data through the access token we need to get tokens dynamically with the use of Refresh Token.

Here I have shown the example of getting an access token using the Refresh Token.

Structure Example:

token = invokeurl [
              url :" 
              type :POST 
info token;

when you print the token variable and you will get the array that contains access_token,api_domain,token_type, and expires_in.

From that, you need to get access_token.

access_token = token.get('access_token'); 
info access_token;

Here, when you print the access_token you can get the token.


To refer to the process to generate refresh token, Client ID, and Client Secret please follow Access token from refresh token.

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