How To Add Password Strength Meter in WooCommerce?

In this topic, how we can add or change the password strength meter in woocommerce registration form.

How To add a password strength meter in the woocommerce change password form, you have to make the action hook function and assign the strength parameter that we want to set up.

We have used filter hooks to make this password strength meter and show up the warnings messaging while typing the password.

We have used the woocommerce_min_password_strength filter and returned the password strength parameter as follows.

0: Very Weak
1: Weak
2: Little Stronger
3: Medium (Default)
4: Strong

Following code added in your theme functiuons.php file 

add_filter( 'woocommerce_min_password_strength', 'tch_change_password_strength_meter' );

function tch_change_password_strength_meter( $strength ) {
   return 4;



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