How To Blend Text Into Image

In this article, I will show you how to blend text into an image using Photoshop Blending Option. In this article, I use one nature background image and I blend text into that image.

Hear’s the final result of the text into the image using the Blending option when we’re done.


Step 1: Open your image in Photoshop.

If you want to make a text which looks like floating in the sky then choose a sky background image.

Step 2: Add your text to the image.

Add a text layer that you want to blend into the image. Using the Type tool ( T ) you can add a text layer and make sure that your text layer is the upper layer.

Step 3: Open Blending Option

To open Blending Options, Click on the “fx” option which is in the layer panel at the bottom.

Then choose Blending Option from the list.

or Double click on the text layer to open the blending option tab.

Step 4: Use the “Blend If” option to blend text into the background image.

When you click on the blending options it opens one dialog box. From that dialog box select the “Blend If” option at the bottom of that dialog box. Then Make sure that Blend If option is set to Gray.

To Blend text into the background image, we only need the “Underlying Layer”  Slider towards the left side.

Step 5: Split Slider in half part to create a smooth blend

For the Smooth blend press and hold the ALT key and then click and drag the left side of the triangle to split the slider into two halves. The area in between the two halves creates a gradual blend between the text and the clouds behind it.

then click on ok when you satisfied with the affected blended text. And See the final result of your image with Blended Text.


Hope this article will help you.

Thank you!!

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