How To Check Category Is Already Exists In WordPress

In this article we will walk through How to check the WordPress Category has been already exists or not using the WordPress Function.

I am going to use term_exists() function.

Here is the syntax: term_exists($slug, $taxonomy_name, $parent);

$slug = >It denotes the category slug which you want to find in the existing list of category.

$taxonomy_name => It denotes the taxonomy name where the slug exists

$parent => It can be optional. Where we can pass the parent category id.

Here is the reference code.

$slug = 'test-cat';
  $taxonomy_name = 'category';
  $parent = 0;
  $id = term_exists($slug, $taxonomy_name, $parent);
  if ($id) {
    return $id;


I hope this will work for you. Kindly share your feedback through comments.


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