How To Clear Cache Memory Using Windows Scheduler

In this article, we are learning how to clear cache memory using the windows scheduler.

First, you need to create a bat file for clear a cache memory.

Follow the below step for creating a bat file.

  1. Open notepad.
  2. Paste following code.
  3. del /q "{{Temp File Path1}}\*"
    FOR /D %%p IN ("{{Temp File Path1}}\*.*") DO rmdir "%%p" /s /q
  4. Here you need to replace {{Temp File Path1}} to your temp file folder path.
  5. here you can add three folder path as cache folder.
    1. temp
    2. %temp%
    3. prefetch
  6. To get the folder path of the above list, just open run and enter the above list name one by one.
  7. Just copy and replace the folder path with {{Temp File Path1}}.
  8. You can add multiple folders, just copy above code 2 line and past in new line.
  9. Now save this file as .bat file, you can learn how to save the file as a .bat file.
  10. For creating the scheduler Please visit the link.
  11. Just change the file path with this article file.


Now it’s ready for use.

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