How To Create A Progressive Web App With React

In this article, we will learn how to create Progressive Web App with react.

Online apps known as PWAs combine the advantages of native and web applications. In the guise of a cross-platform app that is quicker, simpler, and less expensive to develop and maintain than a native app, it provides hardware functionalities.

PWAs support features that are unavailable on standard websites.

It has access to geolocation, push notifications, a camera, a microphone, and other features. Even without the use of a browser, a PWA can function by using a native app shell that can run automatically.

-You need to create a project using customer templates which is provides a service-worker.js file. an using this file we can make our app offline.

-Here we are creating a pwa-app project :

npx create-react-app pwa-app --template cra-template-pwa

-Then register the service worker :

open the index.js file and find the below code.

// If the app works offline and loads faster, you can change
// unregister() t o register() below.
// Learn more about service workers:

here you can see service worker is not registered. The unregister() call must be changed to register ().

-Then  test you PWA :

npm run build 
npx server build 

Your application is now complete, and you can test it. Google has created a PWA checklist, and we can use Lighthouse to evaluate the web app .

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