How To Create Copy To Clipboard In Angular

This functionality can be used to easily add copy-on-click. basically you can click on button and it will copied and you can paste text. here we are using ngx-copy-to-clipboard. we need to install ngx-copy-to-clipboard using below npm :

npm i ngx-copy-to-clipboard

In file app.component.ts

import { Component } from '@angular/core';

  selector: 'app-root',
  templateUrl: './app.component.html',
  styleUrls: ['./app.component.scss']
export class AppComponent {

  copiedText = "";

  constructor() {
    this.onSuccess = this.onSuccess.bind(this);
    this.onError = this.onError.bind(this);

  onSuccess(event:any) {
    this.copiedText = event.text;

  onError(event:any) {
    this.copiedText = "Please enter any text.";


In file app.module.ts

import { NgModule } from '@angular/core';
import { BrowserModule } from '@angular/platform-browser';
import { NgxCopyToClipboardModule } from 'ngx-copy-to-clipboard';
import { AppComponent } from './app.component';

  imports: [
  declarations: [


  bootstrap: [AppComponent]

export class AppModule { }

In file app.component.html

<textarea name="text-content" class="mt-5 ms-5" id="text-content" rows="5" cols="33">Enter any text here...</textarea>

class="d-block ms-5"

<code class="mx-5">{{ copiedText || 'Your text will be pasted here...' }}</code>

output :

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