How to Disable Windows 10’s Auto Shutdown


If you put up an Auto Shutdown Schedule in Windows 10 and then realize that you have an important task and want to cancel it, you must know how to Cancel the Auto Shutdown Schedule in Windows 10.

This guide will demonstrate how to Cancel Auto Shutdown Schedule or Task on Windows 10.


Method 1 – Via Run

Step 1

Launch the Run dialog box from the Start menu, or press “Window + R” to open the RUN window.


Step 2

Type “shutdown -a” and click on the “OK” button.

The auto-shutdown schedule or job will be canceled automatically after clicking the OK button or pressing the enter key.


Method 2 – Via Command Prompt

Step 1

Open Command Prompt.


Step 2
Type “shutdown -a” and press enter key.
The Auto Shutdown Schedule will be Canceled Automatically if you press the enter key.

Method 3 – Via Windows PowerShell

Step 1

Fire up Windows PowerShell. (Alternatively, you can access it by pressing “Windows + X” and then selecting “Windows PowerShell.”)


Step 2
Type “shutdown -a” and press enter key.
The Auto Shutdown schedule will be automatically canceled after pressing the enter key.

Method 4 – Through Creation of Shortcut Icon

Step 1

Select “New > Shortcut” from the context menu when you right-click on an empty area on the desktop.


Step  2

Click the Browse button, then choose “shutdown.exe” from C/Windows/System32 and add “-a,” or type “shutdown.exe -a” and press the Next Button.


Step 3

Choose any name you wish for this shortcut, and then click the Finish Button.


Step 4

The Shortcut Icon will be generated after you click the Finish Button.


You can cancel the Auto Shutdown Schedule or Task by clicking the “Cancel Auto Shutdown” Shortcut Icon, and you can modify the default icon of this shortcut by selecting the properties option.



Cancel the Automatic Shutdown in Windows 10 by using any of the techniques listed above.

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