How to enable auto attach debug in vs code

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In this article, we will set up how we can enable auto-attach debugger in vs code.

What is debugging?

Debugging is a part of the testing process but in reality, it is done at every step of programming. This decreases the number of error thrown up during the testing phase and reduce testing time. Searching for and fixing errors in programming code is called code debugging.

Auto-attaching to Node process:

You enable the auto to attach by running the Toggle Auto Attach command from the Command Palette, and once activated you’ll be able to toggle auto attach from the Status Bar as well.

To enable the auto attach debugger go to VS Code and type Ctrl + Shift + P and type Toggle Auto Attach select that option and click on Always that’s it.

Now, whenever you save your file the debugger automatically attaches to your project.

Let’s test the demo project:

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