How To Increase Volume Of Youtube Video After Max Audio Limit

Hello Developer are you facing issue of low volume while you are learning online ???

If Yes , Then here is a solution for that

Step 1 : Open Youtube

Step 2 : Open Developer tool or Press F12 and navigate to console Tab

Step 3 :  Add Below script in console

var videoElement = document.querySelector("video")
var audioCtx = new AudioContext()
var source = audioCtx.createMediaElementSource(videoElement)
var gainNode = audioCtx.createGain()
gainNode.gain.value = 2 // double the volume

Hope you have experienced the change in volume.

You can increase volume more by following Script :

gainNode.gain.value = 3

Similarlly you can decrease volume by following Script :

gainNode.gain.value = 0.5

Hope you will find this Article Helpul. If you have any query regarding this article reach out at comment section.

PS: Please use wisely too much volume can damage your ears.

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