How To Integrate Stripe Payment Gateway In Vue JS

In this article, we will learn how to integrate the payment gateway of stripe in Vue.

First of all, we have to create a Vue application.

– In vue application we have to add the below packages

npm i @vue-stripe/vue-stripe

Now, we’ll need a publishableKey, which you can collect from Stripe Dashboard, so we’ll need to create a new account on You’ll need an email and a mobile number to register on, if you’re not, otherwise, you can log in to your Stripe account.

– Follow the below path and take the publishableKey,

-First We have to start the test mode in dashboard.

Select Developers->apiKeys and we have the publishableKey there.

-Now we have to add the product 

-We need to add priceId of the product we created.

– Add the below code in main.js file.

import { createApp } from 'vue'
import App from './App.vue'
<script src=""></script>


– We have to add the code for integrating stripe payment gateway.

      @loading="v => loading = v"
    <button @click="submit">Pay now!</button>
import { StripeCheckout } from '@vue-stripe/vue-stripe';
export default {
  components: {
  data () {
    this.publishableKey = "**publishable Key **";
    return {
      loading: false,
      lineItems: [
          price: '**Price Key**', 
          quantity: 1,
      successURL: 'http://localhost:8080',
      cancelURL: 'http://localhost:8080',
  methods: {
    submit () {
      // You will be redirected to Stripe's secure checkout page



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