How To Make .BAT File For Clear Your Temp Data


In this lesson, we’ll make a single BAT file that will delete all of our temporary data. We may remove all data from this file with a single click, eliminating the requirement to use the RUN command.


Follow these procedures to create this file:

Step 1: Launch Notepad and create a new file.

Step 2: Paste the code below into this file.

del /q "C:\Windows\Temp\*"
FOR /D %%p IN ("C:\Windows\Temp\*.*") DO rmdir "%%p" /s /q
del /q "*"
FOR /D %%p IN ("*.*") DO rmdir "%%p" /s /q
del /q "C:\Windows\Prefetch\*"
FOR /D %%p IN ("C:\Windows\Prefetch\*.*") DO rmdir "%%p" /s /q


Step 3: After adding the above code, launch file explorer

Step 4: Now, launch the RUN command from the Start menu, or use the shortcut key for that window key + R

In this box write command : %temp%

and press Enter Key


This command will open a transient folder on your C disc.


Step 5:Copy the path to this folder and paste it into the Notepad file.

Note: Remember to put that path before the ‘*’ in the file.


Step 6: Save this file as  .bat file like below :


That’s it

When you wish to remove all temp data from temp and prefetch, double-click on this file for a run this file, and this file will clean all temp data.




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