How to Make Netlify App using Git Repository

Today we will learn how to deploy react app to Netlify using git repo

Step 1 :

npx create-react-app netlify-demo

Step 2 : Create Git Repository and push your code in repository

Step 3 :  Signup to  (Preferably with GitHub)

Step 4 :  After signup Import Project from Git

Import Project1Step 5 : Complete The Following Steps

Step 6 :  Click on Deploy

After Deploying it may take time to make CDN Link wait for the Process Completion

Deploy Screen

Here is a link of the project which I have created using GitHub

Link :

You can setup your custom domain if have in Step 2 in the above Image

Hope You have learned how to create a Netlify app using git repo. If you have any doubt please feel free to ask in the comment section.

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